FitSala currently has three featured products available on their website and Through their Amazon affiliation, they’re able to provide customers with incomparable customer service, shipping discounts, and 100% guarantee policies, taking the stress and pressure off the online shopping experience.

FitSala - Touchscreen - Running Belt 
FitSala - Touchscreen - Running Belt 
Price: $14.95 
- This TouchScreen version enables runners to interact with their mobile devices mid-run in case they want a quick music change or to shoot out a work-related text message.

- Special 2 fashionable pokets. Never Scratch Your Phone With Your Keys. Spacious Front Pocket For Money, Credit Cards and More. 

 - FitSala with touchscreen is made of a super stretchy material enhancing comfort and movement, and fits different body types. The Zipper attached is made for easily use.

- Is made in two colors. The advantage of this model is that you can match the FitSala with different outfits for your workout.

FitSala - Compression socks - FitSocks 
FitSala - Compression socks - FitSocks 
Price: $10.90 
- Amazing benefits: They aid athletic performance by improving circulation and blood flow, limiting exercise induced peripheral edema of the lower extremity, supplying muscles with more oxygen, enhancing lactic acid removal, decreasing muscle soreness during and post exercise.

- Compressive knit, made from a lightweight and breathable, yet durable microfiber material for optimal temperature regulation. The heel, middle and forefoot have extra shock-absorbing cushioning for greater comfort and protection. Easy to machine wash and tumble dry.

- Perfect for just about any activity, such as running, jogging, basketball, biking, cross fit, hiking, golf, tennis, yoga or even just walking around.


Fitsala was born from a passion for making outdoor running and fitness excursions more accessible and durable for the everyday athlete, FitSala devices, socks, belts, and more that make phone storage, key carrying, wallet carrying, and proper exercising cultivation easier than ever.

Style and functionality are often two different features that may conflict if handled incorrectly, which is why designers Eftimie and Patache have worked endlessly to produce their original products. The FitSala belts can’t be compared to traditional storage options such as backpacks or fanny packs. They are sleek, thin, and light; all while appearing aesthetically elegant and functioning just as effectively as their counterparts. The materials used to manufacture the belts are both comfortable and stretchy, allowing the wearer not to feel too constricted. The belts come in various sizes to accommodate all fitness enthusiasts, and have zippers affixed to the sides for easy fitting.